What's Included with Coffee Drive-Thru Plans?

Coffee Drive-Thru Plans have been designed to be a complete set of working drawings for the construction of your espresso drive-thru building. Choose from one of 3 different floor plans, and 12 different exterior design concepts, or design your own unique exterior. You will receive 4 complete sets of printed plans, (sorry, plans not available via e-mail).

The 3 floor plans available offer a variety of sizes, each with it's own suggested equipment package, and beverage making capabilities. Plans available are:

"The Basic": 23' x 10' ( 230 sq. ft.) - suggested for business volume of 100 to 250 cups per day, limited iced & frozen beverage demand, and can accommodate 2 to 3 employees.

"The Classic": 29' x 11' ( 319 sq. ft.) - suggested for business volume of 200 to 500 cups per day, with moderate iced & frozen drink demand, and can accommodate 3 to 4 employees.

"The Palatial": 36' x 11' with bump-out to 21' in center ( 519.2 sq ft.) suggested for business volume of 200 to 700 cups per day, with strong iced & frozen drink demand, and can accommodate 4 to 6 employees.

Whichever design you select, you will receive the following:

Foundation plan: 2 different techniques for pouring a slab foundation are provided, (choose the one most acceptable to your local bureaucracy).

Equipment plan (floor plan): This plan shows all equipment, fixtures, and other notable building features, identified by suggested manufacturer & model number.

Overhead Shelving plan (floor plan): Shows locations and mounting heights of all wall mounted shelving & storage cabinets.

Dimensions plan (floor plan): Shows all critical dimensions for layout of the building (exterior walls, interior walls, doors, windows, cabinets, etc.).

Plumbing plan (floor plan): This plan will show precise locations of needed stub-ins for water & sewer lines, floor drains, water heater, water purification/manipulation, etc.

Electrical plan (floor plan): Shown are all necessary electrical stub-ins and outlet locations, with linear and height placements specified. Information about required voltage, amperage, and any special electrical provisions is supplied.

Lighting plan (floor plan): Internal and external lighting circuits & suggested fixture placement shown.

HVAC plan (floor plan and isometric): Shown are heating/ventilation/air conditioning units with a variety of option to meet the heating & cooling needs of your climate.

Interior Elevations: Shows unit interior including all equipment, fixtures, cabinets, storage shelves, and other building features.

Exterior Elevations: Shows all 4 sides of the structure from the exterior. 4 different exterior options are shown and materials are specified (or... have your contractor apply the exterior options from one of the other units if desired, or create your own unique exterior facade). Plans also show dimensions and construction specs.

Roof Framing Plan: Shows suggested roof framing or trusses, take to your local lumber or truss company to order trusses locally.

Cabinet Drawings: To help guide your local cabinet maker in the production of any specified custom cabinetry. (Not applicable to "The Basic")

Artistic Conceptual Exterior Renderings: 12 different exterior ideas are provided. Use one of the four created for your selected building, have your builder mimic one of the other 8 options, or create your own unique exterior design.

Detailed Food Service Equipment List with Contact Info for Competitive Price Source: Highly competitive, reliable sources for all coffee and food service equipment & fixtures is provided. (Included CD will allow you to easily e-mail or print out list for distribution to equipment companies to obtain bids and place orders).

Plus Bonus Materials:

319-page E-book, "Starting a Coffee Drive-Thru Business," a comprehensive guide to starting and running your business.

Small wares list with competitive sources for purchase.

Sample menu comprised of popular selling beverages with current market-typical prices. Use this menu as is, or as a guide to create your own.

Consumable product recommendations; the industry's "best of breed" for coffees, syrups, sauces, smoothies, etc.

Recipe sheets for all the items found on the sample menu.

Consumable products orders to help provide guidance about the quantities of products you will need to order to open your doors, and get through the first week or two of business.

Opening and closing checklists to guide you and your employees through daily store set-up, and end of day shut down.

Administrative and operational forms needed to run and control your business.

Employee Handbook Template to provide your new employees with your business philosophy, policies, and procedures.

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25% OFF any consulting services from "E&C Consulting"

What else will you need? We highly recommend that you use a qualified, licensed, general contractor, with affiliations with competent sub contractors, to construct your building using our plans. Your contractor should be willing to obtain all permits, and address any issues which may arise at inspections.

What about your local bureaucratic codes? We have designed these buildings to the highest standards, and the most current and stringent construction and food service codes. However, being compliant with the specific codes and preferred construction methods for each and every bureaucratic administration across America, is an impossibility. While the majority of bureaucracies may require no adjustments to these plans, some undoubtedly will.

If simple additions or changes are required, ask your bureaucratic official if it is acceptable for you or your contractor to merely "ink in" the changes. (Many times changes required are merely the addition or adjustment of a note, or specification). If that is not acceptable, or needed changes are more significant, you may need to employ an architect to make modifications. We can provide your architect with CAD files (no charge) via e-mail so that adjustments can be easily made, and cost to you minimized. We also would be happy to provide you with a bid for modifications, should you desire that we make any necessary adjustments.